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Voucher expires 09-12-2012, Voucher must be redeemed at WLOX-TV, 208 Debuys Road, Biloxi, MS (Bring to WLOX and pick up admission pack), No cash or credit back on unused amount, Subject to restrictions listed on passes

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Four admission passes for only $39.90 (Valued at $79.80) from Audubon Institute

Relax in the Asian-inspired garden that flutters with life as butterflies swoop and soar from one flower to another—perhaps even resting for a moment on the shoulder of a visitor. Close encounters with these beautiful creatures provide vivid memories that last a lifetime - an experience that you can have for half price with this fantastic offer from Audubon Insectarium - 4 admission passes for only $39.90 (that is 50% off)!

Please note: Once purchased, you will need to bring your voucher to WLOX to exchange for your Audubon passes. Please see fine print.

The Hall of Fame contains the biggest, fastest and most impressive bugs on the planet—showcased in one of the most architecturally significant rooms in the historic U.S. Custom House. Check out the arched brick ceiling, carefully preserved and incorporated into the gallery.

Step into the Insectarium's Field Camp.  This gallery recreates and entomologist's field camp deep in a tropical jungle. Want to know what a bug taste like? Grab a seat in Bug Appétit and sample some exotic creations prepared by their bug chefs.  It's all waiting for you at the Audubon Insectarium in New Orleans.

About Audubon Institute

Audubon Insectarium, located in the U.S. Custom House on Canal Street, encourages you to use all five senses as you explore North America’s largest museum devoted to insects and their relatives. You’ll discover why insects are the building blocks of all life on our planet and along the way, you’ll be shrunk to bug size; wander through a mysterious Louisiana swamp; join the active audience of an awards show for bugs, by bugs; and be captivated by thousands of butterflies in an Asian garden. Voted "A top museum for you and your kids” by CNN.com, 2009.

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